The Christmas Party(图文)

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On December 21, the Christmas party was held among the Chinese English teachers and the foreign teachers of TBFLS.

Principal Wang firstly extended her warm welcome to the foreign teachers and sent her best wishes to all the teachers. Then our foreign friend Shawn also expressed his best wishes to everyone.

After that, the English teachers in our school gave excellent performances in the forms of chorus, solo, poem recitation, dubbing, dancing, and playing the musical instrument. Their wonderful performances won warm applause from the audience and showed the talents of English teachers in our school as well. There were also games between performances, and the game “who is the spy” won laughter from the audience and brought the party to the climax.

The party can not only offer a platform for English teachers to show their talents and enrich their life but also promote the mutual understanding and friendship between the native teachers and the foreign teachers.